30 May

As I have said before: some mystery-thrillers are snacks.  We gobble them up precisely because they are low-calorie and easy to consume.  They don't leave us satisfied for long...but that's ok.  It's a snack.  

But This Gem is an entree.  It is deeply complicated and satisfying and its allusion to Dante?  I'm all for it!

There's a lot of buzz about this well-written thriller and for good reason!  When an author can surprise readers with twists that develop organically from the story (and not some bizarre-o left field twist) the book deserves mention. I got this as a Book Of The Month selection, but you can get it here

This was provided to me via NetGalley and publisher as an Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for my honest take.  I was impressed! Get Your Copy Here

Watching You by Lisa Jewell was a Book Of The Month selection and while it doesn't have the most surprising twists, I appreciated the multiple points of view.  Everyone is watching everyone in this one!  Buy Here

The Hiding Place by C. J. Tudor is the second book by this author that I've read (other work below).  It was provided to me by NetGalley and publisher as an ARC.  I've reviewed it on Goodreads and suffice to say, I was impressed. buy It On Amazon

Another fantastic Book Of The Month selection about an agoraphobic who encounters a murderer. Purchase Book

A creepy tale about stick figures that portend danger.  Weird!  Cool!  This was a Book Of The Month selection but you can get a copy on Amazon

An original!  Cool dystopian prison noir.  Unique.  Book Of The Month selection.  Get your copy here.

Final Girls was a quick page-turner with a twist no one saw coming (partly because it came outta nowhere...but, I enjoyed it anyway.) Another solid Book Of The Month selection.  Buy It On Amazon

An Historical Fiction mystery-thriller...what more could you ask for!?  This was a previous Book Of The Month Add-on book. Buy It On Amazon. (side note: this was made in to a mini-series.  Look for it on TV).

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