15 Feb

In my ongoing quest to understand how people come to the political thoughts they have...enter, Max Boot.  A former conservative who wrote for some of the earliest and more important conservative outlets, Boot takes the reader on his personal journey through conservative politics.  He explains the Why's and How's of his own evolution of thought.  Buy The Book Here

This was a fascinating book about a topic little talked about--Biopsychology.  Prius or Pickup boils down political thought to its basic: the mental and psychological reasons why we think the way we do.  Are we conscientious or our we fluid?  Take a quick quiz to find out then read more to understand why we are drawn to liberal or conservative politics.  **If political origin thought is a topic that interests you, I recommend reading Max Boot's book (above) before you read this.  The two together make solid companions to understanding.   Buy It On Amazon

It's difficult to keep everything straight these days.  With all the news (minute by minute, often by tweet) I felt myself getting a bit jaded--less likely to be shocked by things that would have shocked me three years ago.  In Bob Woodward's Fear, you may not learn a lot (much has already been covered) but, it is an important snapshot of history.  (Side Note: We Should All Be Very Afraid).

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Another great treatise of identity politics thoughtfully explored. * I received this title as an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Buy It Here

If you're sensing a theme, I get that.  Can you tell I've had quite the past two years trying to make sense of this new world we find ourselves in?  Madeleine Albright uses history to define then describe the ways fascist leaders and governments take hold.  And yes, in case you're wondering, there are strong parallels to today's president.  Sorry.  Not sorry. *Audible has this in audio form.

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Malcolm Gladwell is an authority on placing contextual understanding to our daily lives by asking tough questions then answering them.  Buy It On Amazon

If I could pick one book that has made the most impact on my understanding of the country, it would be this!  Chris Hayes uses simple to understand historical anecdotes that he logically correlates to more complex ideas of race, prejudice, poverty and policing.  This book will help you understand why Black Lives Matter exists (and is needed), why voter ID laws disenfranchise people of color, and most crucially, how the plantation to prison pipeline set up two distinct worlds Americans live in: one is the nation and one is the colony within it.  Read this book! Buy On Amazon

We hear the debate.  Politicians talk ad nauseam on the topic.  Heck, I bet your neighbor has an opinion.  But, what if I told you they probably have it all wrong?  This book goes back to the founders and explains the right-wing conspiracy (really, not kidding) to warp the original meaning of the second amendment.  Read this to enter the debate as an informed patriot. Buy It On Amazon

This book covers a lot!  But, what I found most prescient to today's social and political climate is the section that covers the mechanisms of change. Buy It On Amazon

If you have a dog and ever have questions, this is the resource!  Plus, there's really cute dog pictures to make you smile. 

Full Disclaimer: I'm a science-trained gal with a post-graduate education.  My entire educational career has focused on evolution and biological sciences.  While not an atheist, this book really spoke to me.

The Black Image In The White Mind is an art history book that examines historical depictions of black people (propaganda, newspapers and fine art) to uncover the prejudices that are often taken for granted.  This is one of the few books from my undergrad that stuck with me.  (Sorry professors).

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