Review: Something Buried by Kerry Wilkinson

15 Feb

The Details:

Something Buried by Kerry Wilkinson; Buy On Amazon

Blurb from Amazon:

Your daughter drowned. You know it wasn’t an accident.

Anna Applegate’s daughter, Michelle, drowned after a night out with a friend. Anna’s convinced Michelle’s death was deliberate, and that her boyfriend, sports star Jack Marsh, killed her.

As Investigator Andrew Hunter begins to dig into the case, he quickly discovers Jack has a history of violence. And, with only his teammate for an alibi, Andrew is convinced Jack’s lying about where he was the night Michelle died.

My Take:

Something Buried is an atmospheric, tense exploration of motherly intuition and dogged determination to uncover the truth. 

The story follows Andrew and Jenny (P.I.’s) who work to discover the truth about the death of Michelle after her mother pays a visit to their office. Her daughter’s body is found in a canal and the police think she simply fell in, a victim of her own inebriation. She, however, suspects her daughter’s famous soccer playing on-and-off-again boyfriend--who's been abusive to her in the past--is to blame.

There is a fair mix of unsavory characters that keep the story moving and the plot a bit twisty: the organized crime boss and his thug; the soccer player and his mom; the soccer fans; and a few thieves (side note: apparently musical instruments are hot, hot enough to steal and hawk on the black market.  Who'd'a thunk it!?)

Falling a bit short for me, however, is the Jenny sub-plot which was left unresolved and the crime boss interaction that seemed less dire as was intended. The final reveal of The Who-Done-It was twisty but only in that curveball way that introduces the culprit(s) out of the ether as opposed to developing them organically from within the main. 

Overall entertaining but a tad flat-footed in parts. 


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